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About Me

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My Story

I'm Helen Rackowe and I am an ex-professional dancer and dance teacher with 19 years general teaching experience, 9 years STOTT Pilates® certified and over 22 years of personal practice.

I began my study of Pilates in 1995 whilst training as a professional dancer at the London College of Dance and Drama. Pilates was a compulsory part of my training and I’ve been practising it ever since. Whilst dancing professionally I saw the many ways in which Pilates enhanced my own strength and performance and greatly assisted in the rehabilitation of those who were injured.


After the birth of my two older children I completed the training to become a STOTT Pilates® instructor to share the benefits of the technique with others. I really enjoy passing on what I've learnt over the years to others and am so happy when I get to help people to feel good in their bodies.

My Philosophy

It is very important to me that you feel welcome and are able to enjoy yourself in my classes. I really care about my clients and will always take time to learn about your body and its individual strengths and weaknesses. I pay close attention and give some individual correction each lesson.


I believe pilates has something to offer everybody irrespective of age or ability so I work to use appropriate modifications and equipment to accommodate differing abilities, body types and injuries. I take pride in challenging and motivating my clients in a safe and knowledgeable way.


Pilates is a thorough system that asks that you understand your own body. To see results, I believe it is important that you learn from someone who understands and communicates the basics well.



STOTT® Pilates certified (Advanced including all small equipment)
STOTT® Pre-Natal pilates
STOTT® Reformer (Advanced)
BA (Hons), P.G.C.E


© Intelligent Exercise, Profound Results

STOTT® has earned an international reputation as one of the world's most respected pilates training providers.  As a STOTT Pilates® instructor I have been intensively examined in anatomy and physiology and adhere to a strict policy of professional practice and continuing education. Rest assured, you will be in safe and knowledgable hands.

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